* Can I cancel in event of bad weather the day of event?*

If there is a high probability of bad weather the day of your event and you decide to cancel your order, we will give you a full refund. Call the day before to let us know you are considering to cancel your requested inflatable due to the weather conditions. If the forcast on that day depicts scattered showers we would recommend to still take the inflatable. However, if the forecast describes rain all day we will suggest to cancel your order. 


*Do we keep it plugged in the entire time?*

Yes! The air blower keeps the inflatable filled the entire time. Once unplugged the inflatable will deflate.


* What do I do if it rains after the Inflatable is put up?*

If the winds are under 15mph, the inflatable can stay up. Wait until the rain slows down or stops wipe down the inside until dry and let the kids back inside. If winds are over 15mph, the inflatable must be deflated and covered with the tarp.


* Do you deliver to other cities?*

Yes! However, additional fees vary on gas pricing, and how many trucks and workers that are needed. For a quote call our office.


* Why do have to rent by day rather than by hour?*

In most cases customers usually need our inflatables for longer than they had expected, (guest show up later than expected, or the inflatable wasn't used as much as they would have liked to). An inflatable should be the least of your worries during your event


 * What are the rules when using a Inflatable?

 None of the following items are permitted inside an inflatable at anytime:  food, drinks, shoes, sharp objects, visible metal zippers, wrestleing, hanging oon netting, flips, sand, silly string, or anyone with medical conditions such as but not limited to pregnacy.


* Do I need an attendent to supervise the inflatable?

There must always be someone supervising the inflatables to ensure there is a certain amount of children and make sure everyone is of similar size.


* Can I have an inflatable set up on cement?

Yes! The inflatable will be secured by sandbags rather than stakes. However, we greatly suggest to have any interactive inflatables (such as moonwalks, slides, ect..) set up on grass if it is possible, encase of the event of a child bouncing out of the inflatable.


* Why should I do buisness with Leaping Lizards?

We treat every customer like family, providing them awesome service and competitive prices. We bring the fun!