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Dog Tags

Our awesome staff takes your picture and puts it on a dog tag, which can be used as a keychain or necklace.

Make A Mask

Design and create your own custom mask! Great for Marti Gra, birthdays, and new year parties!

Photo Crystals

Make a customized crystal cube from a photo. Ideal as a remembrance for your most treasured moments.

Sand Art

Fun craft for all ages! Show off your artistic skills by creating colorful designs using colored sand and designer bottles

Snow Globes

Let us make a personalized snowglobe for you. We take a photo of your choice and turn it into a an everlasting memory.

Street Signs

Create your personal street sign, fun for all ages!


We are now offering Bear (or any other animal) Stuffing Parties, brought directly to your doorstep. Let the kids have a blast, picking, stuffing, & bringing their very own animal to live with our Bear Stuffing machine & Friendly Attendant. Each Guest will also receive a star to wish upon and place in their created Friend & a Birth Certificate!


Make your own T-shirt with your photo or design

Wax Hands

We’ll dip your hand into the wax to create a customized wax sculpture. Then choose your colors to finish off your unique Wax Hand.

Wax Roses

Fresh roses dipped in wax, preserves your roses for years to come. You can now tell your partner "my love will fade when this rose wilts"

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